Why GeoHub?

The reasons and challenges why we developed GeoHub:

No centralised geospatial repository

Specialized staff and skills required to work with geospatial

Geospatial analytics and work was carried out by consultants

Limited hardware/software capabilities, mainly commercial

GeoHub was designed for users to do geospatial analytical works without having advanced geospatial knowledge and skills


Public datasets

The number of public datasets


Global datasets

The number of public global datasets


SDG datasets

We have datasets across all SDGs


Country datasets

The number of public datasets linked to at least a country



The number of countries having GeoHub datasets

Explore by SDG


Explore satellite data

Analytical tools

More and more geospatial analytical tools for decision making are being developed to GeoHub.

Fully open source

GeoHub is being developed under an open source software license, and most datasets are published as open data. The source code is available from the below button. Feel free to create an issue or ask questions in the GitHub!